Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Overweight cupboard

I have the nasty habit of bringing back food whenever I travel - I love recreating the foreign tastes in my kitchen when I get back. However, as my travel rate increases, I find myself standing in front of an overflowing cupboard, where the various preserves and leftover baking ingredients from a wedding last year compete to turn the shelves into obese whales.

My worst nightmare is to wake up in the middle of the night to a huge BADABOUMCRASH, as the shelves finally submitted to the mass of food. So, it's high time to do something about it!

First step, the list:
Wild rice
Pailleté feuilletine
Flour tortillas
Falafel mix
Crozets aux chanterelles
Tagliatelle al nero di seppia
Black pasta with basilicum
Udon noodles
Peruvian ready-made sauces
Black chocolate for cooking 2x
White chocolate for cooking
Rice flour
Poppy seeds
Strange dried corn from Peru
Canned rhubarb
Pickled red beet
Microwave popcorn
Pear saffran compote
Rhubarb cherry compote
Kefir lime leaves
Conchiglioni rigati
Dried plums
Vegetable broth
Parmesan crusts
Jerusalem artichoke soup
Sushi rice
Nori sheets
Old müsli

Chocolate slivers
2x canned asparagus
Dried porcini
Salmon eggs
Candied lemon peel
Coconut flakes

... and maybe some other stuff well hidden...and tons of spices and alcohol, but that's another challenge!!

So, now the goal is set, I can follow the steps of Zach and Clay and start cooking!

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